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  • What do you know about your gunsmith?
  • What is he/she qualified to do? 
  • What credentials does he/she have? 
  • Is he/she a mail order gunsmith?
  • Are you staking your life on the work performed on you firearm? 
  • Is he/she really a qualified gunsmith?

Whether you are military , police, sniper, target shooter or a hunter, these are all good questions to ask. 
A lot of people get offended when you ask for credentials so I decided to put a little something together.  You can compare and decide on your own. 
At Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC we care about your firearm for whatever reason you need it. We will ask the right questions and guarantee all workmanship and materials used. You will not be sent away with un-answered questions.

We have had several people ask what we do and why, I guess many of them do not know me personally, so I have to explain, we do it because I like to see made in the USA, better material, better manufacturing methods, quality, reliability and I control what we do , why we do it and when we do it. I also state compare our product against the competition, you will not be disappointed!

With all this in mind, where would you want to send your firearm for maintenance, repair or customizing? With over 38 years of experience, we stand behind our work. We guarantee our work and most people would not put this is writing.

We are here to help

Whether you are looking for a new gun or need help with an old one, we are here for you. At Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, we care about your every need. We will ask and answer all the right questions to guarantee that our customer service meets your satisfaction.

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