At this time we are interviewing several Mechanical Engineers (our last one did not work out). We do have qualified personnel to accomplish many tasks in this area, and we will soon hire another certified Mechanical Engineer. We currently have and use Solid Works and FeatureCam and have a HAAS VF3 CNC Vertical Milling Machine. We will be adding several more machines as we grow. By March we plan on adding a HAAS DS30-SSY CNC Turning Center with a 3 inch bar feeder and in May we will be adding a HAAS EC400-PP Horizontal CNC Milling Machine with 6 pallets. This will be our main line and hopefully many more.

CNC Machines

The addition of CNC machinery, along with skilled machinists to run them, allows for the rapid fabrication of identical parts which lowers the cost of products. Fabricating one part or a proto-type part will be more expensive, but once the quality control is done and we have approval to run production, then the cost should be lowered. We are also not going to manufacture JUST firearms, parts and accessories. My Old Motto is “If it is not illegal, not immoral and we can make a profit, we will do it!”  So give us a call.  If you have an idea, we can make it happen.

Manufacture from Drawing

We can manufacture parts from drawings sent to us.  If given a compatible CAD file, we can manufacture the parts quicker; in most situations we start some projects with a white board or pencil and paper. It will obviously be a little less expensive if you have a drawing with tolerances, type of material and if there is any hardening or finishing requirements.

Reverse Engineering

If you do not have a drawing and want us to make one we can, but if you need a part replicated, send us the part.  As long as we are not infringing on any patents, we will take measurements of the part and create a CAD part file and CAD drawing file of the part.  We will then assign them an identifying name or you can name it. Then the part can be manufactured when needed.

CAD/CAM Services

We use SolidWorks 2014 to create both 3-D CAD files and drawings of parts.  We then import those files into our CAM software (FeatureCAM) and create a machine code to create the parts.  Our CAM software can be used to create machine codes for both a vertical mill (CNC Milling Machine) and turning center (CNC Lathe). In some situations we can fabricate using a vise as a fixture, but in most cases, fixtures will also need to be designed and fabricated to hold the part while being machined and this also adds to the cost.

Manual Machines and Equipment

We also have numerous manual metal working machines (such as any good machine shop would have). We have an engine lathe mainly used for making gun parts or chambering , threading and crowning barrels. We currently have 3 milling machines. One is used for inletting wood stocks.  We also have a stock duplicating machine (so our Engineer can design or draw a custom stock if you want one). We have many other tools such as drills, saws, grinders, belt sanders, disc sanders, balloon sanders, orbiting sanders, buffers, tumblers, bead blasters, etc.  We also have all the hand tools, cutters, reamers, chamber reamers, head space gauges, numerous other gauges and special tools. To sum it all up, I am sure if we do not have it, we do not need it at this time.

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