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In 2001, I acquired the entire Kimber of Oregon inventory of parts, drawings, fixtures, many Daewoo parts and over 4,000 guns (to include Kimber 82 and 84 and Sporter Mauser 96 and 98 Rifles). We are down to less than 20 guns but still have a lot of parts left. Some parts we have sold out of and have started making reproduction parts (which are similar or better). In some situations, I have adapted my current production to use some of these parts as they are of excellent quality. Some of the parts we have manufactured are: K84 trigger housings, triggers, sears, cocking pieces, bolt shrouds, K82 firing pins, magazine followers, strikers, triggers, trigger guards and sears. Future projects are the 82 Government loading platform, striker, bolt knobs and trigger guards. Images below represent some of the parts that are available for sale at

**Please note that the images are representations of the parts but may not be the actual parts. Parts may have a different color or size. Please make sure you check the items at for any details of what you may be looking for.


You can click here to search the site for Kimber 82 or 84.  Or search by our username gunparts2112.

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