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FFM LLC0422Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC offers the following warranties on its products:

Complete FFM Rifles, FFM Pistols, FFM Carbines, Upper Halves, and Lower Halves carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against failure of factory parts and labor.

Note: Non-FFM products available on this website are warranteed exclusively by their manufacturers in accordance with terms and conditions packaged with the products. FFM's warranty does not apply to non-Fortress Firearms Manufactured products, even if packaged with FFM products.

Fortress Firearms Manufacturing warrants to the initial retail purchaser, for his or her lifetime that Fortress Firearms Manufacturing complete FFM Rifles, FFM Pistols, FFM Carbines, Upper Halves, and Lower Halves, used under normal conditions will be free of defects in parts, material, and workmanship which affect satisfactory operation. This warranty is in force only upon completion of the warranty form by the purchaser and transmittal to Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the part or parts which are returned to Fortress Firearms Manufacturing and which are determined by Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC to be defective. This warranty, made to the original owner/purchaser, is not transferable. The following items are excluded from this warranty: A. Normal wear of protective finishes and of all metal or plastic parts. B. Damage or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse or unauthorized repair or alteration. C. Damage from use of other than factory ammunition.

Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC will not be responsible for the results of careless handling, unauthorized repairs and adjustments, corrosion, neglect, and unreasonable or unsafe use. Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC assumes no responsibility for damage and/or injury caused in whole or in part by hand-loaded, reloaded, or defective ammunition. Under no circumstances shall Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC be responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to property arising out of use of hand-loaded or remanufactured ammunition, negligence, unsafe handling or unauthorized modifications to the firearm. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations regarding them may not apply to you.

If a firearm is carelessly or improperly handled, unintentional discharge could result and could cause injury, death or damage to property. Do not use hand loads, reloads or remanufactured ammunition in your Fortress Firearms Manufacturing product. Use of this ammunition is dangerous and by using it you assume all risks associated with its use. The use of hand loads, reloads or remanufactured ammunition will void the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Before your Fortress Firearms Manufactured rifle, pistol, upper half or lower half left the factory, it was tested, carefully inspected and packaged. Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC cannot control product handling after it leaves the factory. Therefore, please examine the product carefully at the time of purchase to insure that it is unloaded and undamaged.

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