General Information on Firearm Sales

We are a class 07 FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) manufacturer.  Any of these complete rifles, carbines, and handguns can be sold to an individual-BUT it will need to be transferred through your local FFL.  Your local FFL must contact us, and we will ship the firearm to them.  You must be able to pick-up and complete the transaction through your local FFL.  They will charge you for this transfer (rates are normally in the $20-$50 range).  You must be able to pass the required background check.  DO NOT purchase if you cannot agree to this or if you have doubts about whether you will pass the background check required to purchase a firearm!  There will be no refund issued for those that cannot pick up the firearm because of a failed background check.  Payment is due in full before the firearm ships.  You are responsible to know the laws in your area!

About Us and Our Competition

We are an experienced team of professional, custom manufacturers of extremely accurate, quality built, custom AR15 and AR10 style rifles, carbines, pistols, and upper assemblies, as well as a unique high quality custom bolt action line of rifles and custom 1911 pistols. We have built tens of thousands of Match Grade Rifles and Uppers capable of at least .5 MOA (minute of angle) or better for all sorts of people all over the world.  Some of these people are US military (active duty, reserve, retired, or former military).  Some of them are Law Enforcement: Federal, State, and Local.  Some of these custom pieces are for duty use, personal use, or gifts for friends and family.  There are also many customers that are serious competitors, marksman and hunters, and a few investors.  No matter the reason you are purchasing or having us customize your firearm, our work ethics, material, and craftsmanship are the same.  It is far superior to our competitors and we are continually improving in every way we can.  I believe in simple lean manufacturing, but in no way are our products simple.  They are made out of the best material (gun metal-steel, stainless steel, or aluminum).  These metals are either military standard or exceed the standards with the best manufacturing methods and the best American skilled and trained laborers. 

When customer or investors ask what sets us apart from our competition or why a customer would buy from FFM instead of a so-called major manufacturer, we have several reasons.  If you look at my (Tom’s) bio, you will see I am not your average gunsmith, assembler, or manufacturer.  I have 20 years of experience in the United States Marines, and when I retired, I was the SME (Subject Matter Expert).  I am not stating that I knew it all, just that I was the go-to-guy when it came to firearms for the Marines.  When I retired, I was sought after by several commercial firearm manufacturers as you can see in my bio.  Many of the guns I built were for the USMC shooting team, yet the best ones are those that went on to combat.  I am sure there are still some in use today-18 plus years later.  You may not need a firearm for combat but know that you have a firearm with the same quality should guide you to us.

This is just one reason I can give you.  There are many others that you can see or read between the lines of my career history.  I have worked at several firearm manufacturers and in several capacities (jobs).  I have accomplished a lot in a very short time.  I will also not badmouth my competition as that is foolish and disrespectful.  Some of them remain my friends and I occasionally lend my help.  Each firearm or upper is individually hand-assembled using the highest quality components-which are mostly manufactured at FFM-and our superior workmanship.  All components are built or modified in-house-OUR HOUSE.  We are a manufacturer, not an assembler.  We also manufacture parts for other companies that assemble our products, but they have their name on the items and we will not disclose who they are.  We believe in quality without exception, service that exceeds expectation, and integrity as a way of life!

Again, look at all the training I/we have behind us-gunsmith schools, machinist schools, mechanical engineering classes, armorer classes.  Many of these, I have and still teach.  I did not just read a book on gunsmithing, nor did I attend one class.  I had many classes and 40 years of experience, which says a lot.  Our only problem, which I do not see as a problem, is advertising.  For years, I have survived on word of mouth and I selected who I would do gun work for.  I picked and chose people for who they were or what they did.  Many of them were military, law enforcement, friends, or family.  Recently, we decided to expand, and in doing so, we are offering our services to a much wider audience and clientele.  So check us out!  Look at our products and compare.  I will only tell you the good quality we have.  You will have to do your homework on the competition and in doing so, remember, I did work for some of these companies!

We are very busy, but not too busy to give you the personal attention that you deserve.  Send us an email and we will try hard to respond to you within 24 hours.  Many times we get calls and they want to know what we do and how we do it.  I and WE will not disclose all our secrets, so please respect our time, as we just might be working on your firearm.  If people ask why we are behind, it is usually because we are trying to stay off the phone.

We know people like you will remember where you received exceptional customer service and will tell others about your good (and bad) experiences. 

We are a class 07 FFL Manufacturer, Licensed and Insured.  We also have a walk-in showroom that is under construction and a limited sales staff.  You are welcome to visit, but please call ahead and make an appointment.

We reserve the right to replace or substitute a part of product with better or equivalent to the advertised part or product.  No major part such as upper receivers, barrels, or stocks will be substituted without your expressed consent. 

We are adding new items all the time.  The shopping cart is for your convenience.  All items are in stock unless there is an “Out of Stock Banner” across the first picture.  If it shows out of stock, email or call us.  We may have them in stock or may be able to build one right away.  We are custom manufacturers.  If you want another option, email or call us and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the product you want.  We like to answer questions and NO question is stupid! (Except the one that is not asked!)

Bolt Action Rifles are now listed on our website.  Check it out!!  The BAR (Bolt Action Rifles) manufactured by Fortress Firearms Manufacturing, LLC. 


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We ship via UPS or United States.  Shipping times will depend on the type of shipping you choose. 




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